Email Marketing (MailChimp)

We are a recognized partner for MailChimp, one of the most popular email marketing solutions worldwide. Though are more than happy to support other email services. MailChimp makes it easy to design effective and high-quality email campaigns, share them on your social media marketing platforms, integrate with your existing web program, manage your subscriber list, and effectively track your campaign results.

List of Email Marketing Services

  • How to build email lists with custom sign up forms (website, Facebook page, iPad, etc)
  • Custom email design
  • Template creation using custom templates and existing designs
  • Email development
  • Sending campaigns (including RSS-to-Email and Autoresponders for automated campaigns, adding Social Sharing buttons and share a link)
  • Tracking email campaign results (track who’s opening, clicking, and returning via web, iPhone and Android, with the option to track Tweet Trends and integrate with Google Analytics)

Strategic Planning Services

We’ve been helping businesses define their online strategy to achieve rapid growth since the late 90′s. We have the credentials to walk the walk. We don’t waste your time with futuristic views on the latest fad and we don’t push a particular barrow!

Our strategic goal setting service helps you focus your resources to achieve more growth with less.

List of Web Planning Services

  • Web strategic planning, goal setting and analytics reporting set-up
  • Web marketing plan set-up, implementation and tracking
  • Online activity review and prioritisation
  • Website requirements gathering and prioritisation
  • Problem solving via workshop facilitation
  • Website project management
  • Website vendor selection and RFP management
  • Business case development (online and website projects)
  • Online management reporting systems review and set-up
  • Strategic goal setting training


Google Analytics Training

A website without thorough data analysis is like a boat with only one oar. We've been providing one-on-one and group Google Analytics short courses for over six years. We run our analytics short courses and training office.

Our in-person four hour Google Analytics short course is suitable for those that need help becoming Google Analytics certified and for website owners, marketers and online marketing companies that simply want to learn the fundamentals of how to use Google Analytics to grow a business online.  Our Google Analytics short courses are up to speed with the latest changes to Google Analytics and are hosted by experienced analytics professionals that have extensive experience working with Google Analytics data. 



Our four hour Google Analytics fundamentals short course includes an hour of follow up mentoring and additional ongoing tutorship if you require. We will also review your Google Analytics setup during the training session and provide tips and tricks that you can apply immediately. 

Note: our Google Analytics short courses are normally booked out at least two weeks in advance so you'll need to book early to avoid disappointment. 


Google Analytics Short Course Outline

  • How to improve your existing Google Analytics setup
  • Recent changes to Google Analytics
  • How to set your website goals and track performance
  • How to set-up a basic Google Analytics account
  • How to find key visitor data
  • An overview of key Google Analytics labels, navigation areas and definitions
  • How to differentiate between 'noise' and important information
  • How to set-up custom reporting dashboards 
  • How to automate reports and disseminate important information
  • A Google Analytics Q+A session with your course tutor

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